It begins with a step out the front door. Then, I step off the porch and walk to the rough driveway, where my noble steed (car) awaits.

I’m usually parked next to the outer edge, so that’s right next to a pretty tall hedge. This hedge, depending on the season, sometimes sheds blossoms on my car. That’s the reason I usually get this spot – my car’s not anything awesome to look at. The tiny flowers stick amazingly when wet, so that’s the only annoying part of the parking spot.

At any rate, I get the car going and back out, slowly. Extra slow because it’s super hard to see the road on the right (tall hedge.) Once I’m out, the first decision, up or down the hill?

Up (east) can be blinding in the fall and summer due to the sun, but sometimes, it’s faster since it’s usually a route with less freeway time. Morning traffic is often heavy in the local area, so a bit more street time can pay off to avoid the freeway crawl.

The route is a bit of a branching set of options until I’m nearly out of my home city and into the canyon, which narrows the trip down to 2 choices – the freeway, or the canyon road that shadows it for about a mile before veering westward. If the freeway is especially clogged, the canyon road is the only option to avoid a huge delay.

The next major street for the canyon road is the one my office’s building is on, so I turn eastward onto it and drive a few more blocks. Or, if on the freeway, it’s an exit and quick turns, right then left, onto the same street. A few blocks down and the building looms on the right. I turn in and proceed to the rear, where there’s a parking structure. Nearly every time, I park on the second floor, the top. Most of the bottom is reserved parking, and I’m not an exec. It’s cool because I need my steps.

It’s a brief walk to the building (the left of a set of almost identical structures) and an elevator ride to the proper floor. I electronically key the door nearest my wing and enter. The coolest part is that, upon getting within proximity of my station (an inside office), my computer unlocks, and its desktop is ready to go (usually – unless it had to reboot for an update.) I clock in and get to work for the day.

I often wonder if other commuters have a more enjoyable trip.

Your turn!

Describe the way you get to school or to work every day. (Source is #92 on the list, 100 Prompts For Writing About Yourself)

Featured image credit: Jannik Selz

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